I’ve been featured on a FASHION BLOG!!! YEAH!

Bad Seattle Fashion @ Tumblr


I actually remember when the dude was taking my pictures. I was walking out of the Library on Capitol Hill, sipping on my breakfast and voting for my comics on my iPhone. I heard the familiar *click* *click* *click* of a camera over my left shoulder and I turned to look. The old guy (at least I think it was an old guy) had it aimed right at me and (even though he didn’t ask permission like a gentleman), I decided to give him a good shot of what he wanted… my ass, er, my hair.

I’ve often had strangers take my picture because of my hair. The most memorable was in the airport when Dawn? was putting my hair up for me. An older Asian lady with a HUGE expensive looking camera started taking pictures from across the lobby. Dawn slowed down her process so that the woman could get in a bunch of good shots.

Random people have stopped me out in public in every city I have visited to compliment my hair or ask me about the process. This has happened so often over the years that I’ve come to expect it. I have honed my answers to typical questions to short, witty responses that draw laughs from everyone who hears them.

My hair is clean and well maintained.Some of it is fake, but most people can’t tell.
It is a work of art and I love it. And so do a lot of other people.
My hair is the thing people see when I’m in a crowd.
My hair is what currently identifies me, but it doesn’t define me.

I am not surprised that my hair (and I) have turned up on a blog somewhere. I was expecting it to happen sooner or later and I was secretly hoping that it would happen.

I chuckled when I read the one word caption, “Yech!” followed by a mere 100 points.
Seriously? You couldn’t think of anything better to say?
Hell, even the motorcycle cop that pulled me over for not wearing a bike helmet was clever enough to call me “Goldilocks.”

I looked through the rest of the blog and saw that a few of my friends were actually featured too! Chris and DeMonika, Lurch, and PurpleMark too! Many of the people shown on this blog have a sense of fashion that fits them and separates them from the crowd. Some of the people on the blog dress the way they do because they just don’t care about societal norms or “proper and decent” [read: boring] fashion. To the people that live in Seattle, the way these people dress IS normal.

I remember you, sir, taking my pictures outside of the library. You were non-descript. I can’t remember what you were wearing or even what you looked like because you could have blended into a crowd as easily as a ninja… (isn’t that what you usually hear about serial killers?) All I remember was your camera and the fact that you came across like a kid that was newly exposed to the wonders of the world and the fact that there are people different than you. You’re like that kid in grammar school that makes fun of everything that is new to you, everything that’s different, everything that scares you.

All I have to say to you is, “Welcome to the world, mama’s boy. You don’t have to wear those tighty-whiteys anymore.”