Song of the Day: Gitane Demone – “Somewhere”
Listen to samples of the entire album here: Gitane Demone – With Love and Dementia

I’ve been repeating this punchline to people for the past few weeks whenever they ask me about Seattle. It’s one of those jokes that just might stick around for a long time in my arsenal. Like the one where I say, “I can’t read, I’m illegitimate.” I find it easier to joke about things like that than talking about a sports team or the weather or how the weather affects the sports team.

After my trip to New Orleans, I have seen [again] the major difference in how people act towards one another in the two cities. In Seattle, one person sees another smoking a pipe and thinks to himself, “I really like the smell of pipe smoke, but I can’t say so because I am a militant anti-smoker. So I’ll just walk on and not even look the person in the eye.” In New Orleans, the first person invites the second to their house for Pipe Club.