Welcome to the website. Many thanks for Donald Potter for helping me out with getting it all set up. The first t-shirt I get printed will go to you bud! Thanks to Simon Berman for suggesting WordPress and for getting me kick-started again. T-shirt for you too!

I guess I should start from the beginning. It was 2005 and I had just moved to Seattle from New Orleans. I planned to continue working on my comic strip “Writhe and Shine”, a story based in the New Orleans goth/industrial scene. Three months later Hurricane Katrina hit and all hell broke loose. After that I really couldn’t see how I could make a good comic strip without representing how life -really- was down there. I like to base my comics on fact and I find a lot of humor from first-hand experience so Writhe and Shine just kind of died. I wish I had gone through what most of my friends had gone through, I think I would have felt closer to them, I would have shared some kind of brotherhood with them… But I had made my decision to seek a finer life elsewhere and that decision saved me a lot of heartache. [even though I felt it for many of the people I had left behind]. I wish I would have experienced what they had because it would have given me a lifetime’s worth of material to write about. I would have had stories to tell and scars to prove they happened. I probably would have gotten the “504”  or the fleur de lis tattooed on myself somewhere. Ultimately, that was not my fate and I am happy for the decisions I have made [for the most part].

I was working in a carpentry shop in my first year in Seattle and came up with a new series called “Doomies”. It was going to be about a girl that had just moved to Seattle from somewhere else and lived in a house on Capitol Hill with a bunch of other girls. Maybe it would become a weekly strip and I’d get it into the magazines that were distributed around town… I started sketching a little bit and writing jokes and such and even bought the domain name doomies.com, but it didn’t go much farther than that. “Writhe and Shine” was getting wrapped up and it finally ended with strip #250. After that I took a break from drawing comics for a little while. I decided to try to get into fantasy illustration for role-playing games. Hell, that’s why I earned my BFA, right? There were a bunch of cool people in that field up in this area as well as several companies. I did a bunch of illustrations for Unhallowed Metropolis that turned out pretty good and that made me happy. I finally did something with my college degree and how many of you can say that about yourselves?! ;P  But I soon realized that my style of work doesn’t fit into what most RPGs are looking for so I kind of gave up for the most part. I’ll still do work for Unhallowed but I’m obviously not cut out to be one of the awesome D&D illustrators that I so admire.

Anyway, back to the comics. During the illustration phase I was pretty much broke. I was also depressed some of the time and that led me to completely get rid of writheandshine.com and doomies.com as well as ubercomics.com. I completely stopped drawing and just kind of hung out for a while. Yeah, one of the worst decisions of my life. I believe that I lost a bunch of my fan base in that period. I hope to make that up with my new comic strips.

My buddy Simon got on my case about getting some more strips out there so I completed a few “Doomies” strips at the end of last year. I posted them on LiveJournal and Facebook then I went to go buy doomies.com again… but it was taken! And by a web comic too! I was kicking myself very hard for a couple weeks. I had to rename the strip and over much brainstorming I came up with “Overcast with a chance of DOOM!”

Then there was a period where I didn’t do anything with it again… seems like that happens a lot. A few months ago I decided to complete 10 strips and send them off to one of the weekly papers here in Seattle to see if I could get them published. I ran into a few snags in that process: my computer died and I had to get another one, then I had to get my art programs working again, then I had to find my favorite comic font again… so many things to slow me down and keep me from my goal! But I finally got everything working, completed ten strips, and sent them off to the paper.

Almost two weeks and three e-mails later I have still not heard back from the art-director [who responded to my original “where can I send my submission” e-mail within mere hours]. Eh, all for the best I guess. My comic doesn’t really fit in with their usual comics. Mine arfe easily understood and people actually chuckle at them sometimes.

So here they are. I’ll try to post regularly and get some better graphics up on the site, but keep in mind that I’ll be posting my old “Writhe and Shine” comics at the same time.

Feel free to comment on each one and tell your friends to come in and read them too. I’m glad to be back. I think this is where I belong.

Robert Tritthardt