There are a few ways for you to help me keep these comic strips running:

Come see me at conventions. Jet City Comic Show is THIS WEEKEND Saturday Sept. 22nd at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall. This will be my first time at Jet City, so help me make it a good one by stopping by and saying “Hello!”

Buy stuff from my STORE. After the Jet City show this weekend, I’ll be doing a quick inventory of Writhe & Shine and Overcast With A Chance Of DOOM! merchandise then revealing the Über Comics Store! Keep watching for updates.

Click on the ads. You may have noticed that there are a few ads on the sites. Whether they are paid advertisements or just links to other comic sites, they all may have something that interests you. The more you readers click on those links, the more traffic is directed to my site. The more traffic I get, the more I get from those paid advertisements. All of that money [mostly only pennies at a time] gets put directly back into MY advertising on other sites, and therefore more traffic…

Buy songs and albums from my Song of the Day links. Every weekday I put up a new Song of the Day and every week I update the Song of the Day Archive. These links go to where you can download the albums for very little money. Every time you use one of my links to buy things off of Amazon, I get a percentage of that sale.

Tell friends, ‘LIKE’ the strips on Facebook, repost them, link to them, vote for me, etc. There are so many ways to send other people to my sites. Only you know the best ways. Talk about them in your blog, recommend them to friends, post them on various sites. Vote for me on various comics rating sites [see my Links page]. Anything helps! [damn, I feel like one of those panhandlers with the cardboard signs.]

So there you go. If you’d like to keep seeing these comic strips, you can help me in any or all of those ways. Thanks!