Ever since I escaped from the dreadfully boring suburbs and headed out to find a new life, I have forced myself to think “outside the box.” I had to train myself to think differently in art school. I had to think differently to fit into the goth scene, or at least I thought I did.

It’s been 17 years of thinking so much outside of the box that I can’t remember how to think normal. I don’t know how to think like everybody else does. I have no idea how people normally act in standard social situations [I have a difficult time not saying stupid things at parties where I don’t know many people, etc.] I have no clue what music most people want to listen to [part of the reason I was never a popular DJ at the club.] I have no idea what makes everybody laugh [Not many people ‘get’ my jokes, or follow when I say weird things.]

I’m stuck outside the box and I don’t know if I want back in or not.

So for the rest of the month I’m going to make the most Mundane, Normal, and Painfully Obvious choices for the Song Of The Day. And after that, only Wednesdays will have a Song Of The Day attached to them, a song, as always, that has something to do with the Chance Of DOOM strip that gets posted. I’m sorry if this upsets the few of you that looked forward to seeing what I would post. It’s just that it takes a good hour or two away from my drawing time every week to pick the songs, find the videos, get the code, and post them every weekday. I’m sure more people will want to see more comics than just another song. I originally started posting them just so that I would have something to post every day and also to help monetize my websites a bit, but so far it has made me $0. Oh well, maybe when I have more readers I’ll pick it up again.

So enjoy this last week and a half of completely predictable Halloween Songs Of The Day.