carrie-drawingCarrie is relatively new to the comics scene, having only been functioning in it since 2012. Her first comic, Juniper, started in May of 2012, and Carrie continues to create it with the help of her friend, Sarah Williams. Though Juniper’s subject matter focuses mostly on nerd culture and fantasy themes, and the color pallet is reminiscent of a 1950s ice cream parlor, she has a deep rooted love of horror. She vigorously consumes good and bad horror films alike, and loves a good scary novel or short story, especially in the cosmic vein. Some of the first spooky material she fell in love with were the works of Tim Burton, and because of that, Overcast With a Chance of DOOM! feels like familiar and comfortable territory.

Carrie snagged her job as Chance of DOOM!’s writer after sending Robert a pile of sample strips as a tryout. Carrie and Robert have been working closely ever since to make Chance of DOOM! the best creepy-fun story it can be, and Carrie is excited to show the readers what’s in store for Doomie and her friends.

Outside of Juniper and Chance of DOOM!, Carrie contributes to The Bomb Promise, a local collective of artists that produces a monthly coloring book zine that is distributed around the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. Keep an eye out for them if you’re a Seattleite! They’re free, and there’s a different theme every month!

Carrie also gets the occasional paid commission, which is always welcomed and exciting.

pepperCarrie is a native Washingtonian and lives near Lake Washington in a suburb of Seattle with her husband, Don, and her giant fat marshmallow cat, Pepper. She has a degree in English Writing and a minor in Fine Art. Outside of making comics, Carrie enjoys working on becoming healthier and fitter by exercising often and making healthy food. She also enjoys mooshing her hair into fun shapes, stuffing her business casual work clothes into the depths of the laundry basket, keeping the giant plastic earring industry in business, and playing Dungeons & Dragons on the weekends with her friends. She also loves playing video games, but rarely has time for them because of her masochistic work ethic. Some of her favorites are World of Warcraft, Diablo III, and Skyrim.

Carrie loves hearing from readers and strives to be as reachable as possible. Her Facebook page may be for personal use only, but don’t let that stop you from getting a hold of her. The best way to contact Carrie directly and instantly is via Twitter, which is kind of like a Borg implant at this point. Hit her up at @CarriePottah!