Doomie’s room may be haunted, but can she face the skeletons in her closet?

Overcast With A Chance Of DOOM! is a weekly webcomic written and drawn by Robert Tritthardt, who is also the author/artist of Writhe and Shine

Doomie – She left all she had (family, friends, a past) in New Orleans to start over in Seattle. She got more than she bargained for with her new life, which includes living in an actual haunted house!
Favorite band: Concrete Blonde
Pet: a spider named “Splat”
Maxine – She’s the rough and tough chick who is usually a voice of reason in the house. She’s on a roller derby team and goes by the name “Mad Maxine”. She likes energy drinks, tank tops, and Carharts.
Favorite band: Einstürzende Neubauten
Pet: a rat named “Plague”
Fluora – She’s the brains of the group but sometimes she’s not all with it. Fluora is into reading as many books as she can, live-action role-playing games, and otherwise pretending she is someone other than a girl named Fluoressence.
Favorite band: MC Frontalot
Pet: a cat named “Kamino”
??? – This girl is somewhat of a mystery. None of the other girls knows her name, only that she is a barista at the local megacorporation coffee shop Apollo’s. She tends to stay to herself or wander around the house at 3am in caffeine induced insomnia.
Favorite band: anything that involves a lot of screaming and anger.
Pet: a bat named “Chupacabra”
Synth3a – She cannot be seperated from the internet for more than five minutes without going into withdrawl. Synth3a considers herself the “hot” one of the group, but now that Doomie has moved in she has some serious competition.
Favorite band: Faderhead
Pet: a DAT named “data” [gimme a break, I needed another short word that rhymed with bat, cat, and rat.]
The House – This is one of the oldest houses in Seattle. It holds a lot of secrets. What else can be hidden here besides a ghost in the attic?